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Professional Clearings

$444 (1 person & their home)

$88 each additional person

$88 each additional building

Everyone and every environment can use a professional clearing


Professional Clearing Includes:

  • 30 min (est) phone call consultation is required before starting the clearing to gather information
  • Analysis is done and then 1 more 30 min meeting before the clearing is done
  • Thorough analysis of the problem - client receives a copy of the analysis
  • Removal of all 28 items on the detailed analysis sheet
  • Cord cutting of all 12 different dimensions including the higher self
  • Removal of blocks from old and new time lines
  • Removal of past life vows, past life spells and family curses
  • Use of  gold treatments, changing rising up the light of frequencies
  • Follow up in one month to make sure everything stays stable (approx 30 min call)
  • All professional clearings are performed at a distance which keeps all involved safe
  • Permission is always needed and secured before performing a professional clearing
Symptoms for Buildings:
  • heaviness
  • sticky feeling
  • feeling someone is watching you
  • something touching you
  • people arguing in the house or building
  • intense energy at night
  • bad luck
  • real estate issues/unable to sell

Symptoms for People:

  • anxiety
  • trouble concentrating
  • sleeplessness
  • tired
  • feeling of being watched
  • sadness for no reason/depression
  • aggression/angry/jealousy for no reason
  • irritated
If you are looking for more information

regarding a clearing please send an email.

Clearings can take 2-4 weeks to book in depending on the time of year.